Project Euler – Lattice Path (Part 2)

Based on the formula for calculating the central binomial coefficient I quickly hacked together some code.


While writing this post I already know that much nicer recursive and iterative algorithms exists. I will turn them into another blog post. But first I have to understand those solutions.

I was not sure about wether to put this post out or not. In the end I decided to publish it because:

  • Arriving at solution is a process. I want to keep this notion of progress.
  • Nothing is perfect right from the start. Analyzing forever will not get anything done.
  • A neat and nearly perfect blog post in the end does not reflect the effort taken to understand this problem. It’s like social media where a picture posted on Facebook looks awesome to make everybody in your friendlist jealous, but is actually far from reality.
  • I want to keep this as real as possible. If I make a fool of myself, so be it. At least I am a curious fool ;-).

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